Our sales consist of various offers and rewards programs. We maintain 2 continuous rewards programs: Bella Lounge Loyalty Points and Referral Bonuses.

Bella Lounge Loyalty Points

Bella Lounge Loyalty Points allow you to accumulate points with every service. Each service provides points that when accumulated at every 20-points interval, you receive $5 off of your next purchase. You can either redeem the $5 off when you reach the 20 points, or keep accumulating them. Below is a sample table of how the points work. Remember, your can keep accumulating points with no limits for as long as you want. They never expire!


20 Points

40 Points

60 Points

80 Points

100 Points

$ Off of Next Purchase

$5 Off

$10 Off

$15 Off

$20 Off

$25 Off

Bella Lounge Referral Bonus

Bella Lounge Referral Bonus is a program that allows you to get a FREE haircut ($50 value) every time you refer 4 new clients. It’s a simple as that!

You can either claim the reward, or you can offer it to a new client in the form of a gift certificate.

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